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Thu, Feb 9, 2023
21 5772

Eichler’s Spring Sale

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With spring almost over the oppressive heat of summer will be here shortly. But the pleasant spring breezes aren’t the only thing that will be gone soon. Eichler’s Spring Sale is going to end shortly as well. If you are in the market for Judaic goods of high quality at low prices then you should check out Eichlers.com now.

Eichlers is offering tallis at 40% off! They are available in Ashkenaz, Chabad or Sefradic style with different sizes fabric styles and bands. No matter what combination you choose it will still be a whopping 40% off. Stock up now because it doesn’t seem that tallis will fall out of fashion in the religious community anytime soon.

You can also help yourself to 25% off tzitzis. The tzitzis are also completely customizable. You can choose size, style, fabric, cut and more. Tzitzis is another essential item that is a must have for any observant Jew. Why not get them for an affordable price now and save yourself money down the line?

Like spring itself the Eichler’s spring sale if fleeting. These prices won’t be here for long so act now. Also make sure to check out Eichler’s vast selection of Jewish gifts and accouterments.

Eichlers Judaica Store

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